Thursday, July 18, 2013

Its HOOOTTTTTTTTT!!!....Plan your Destination Beach Wedding Right Here in the States!!!

So everyone has thought, for at least a minute or two, what it would be like to have a luxury planned destination wedding at an exotic beach with magic in the air as you walk down the aisle on a palette of sand, the waves crashing in the background, writing your names in the sand and those memorable sunset pictures on the seashore. But then you think about how would your family be able to be there, would anyone be able to afford it, would you be able to afford it? Then you move on to the next reasonable option and have it somewhere local that is convenient for everyone...right? Don't let the little things stand in the way of the day of your dreams because you cannot wrap your mind around how it would all work. First, hire a wedding planner (no brainer!) and then start thinking about your vision as if it is really going to happen. That is what my couple in Macon has started to do for their beach wedding....

They love the beach and that is where they first spent a vacation together. The location was Mexico Beach, Florida about 45 minutes from the famous Panama City Beach. But if you have ever been to Mexico Beach, you will see that there are not many options to grand ballrooms or venue sites to choose from. You have to know your area and research the possibilities. The bride, although wanted it in Mexico Beach because of the sentimental value, had decided on traveling about 1 1/2 hours instead to Destin Florida for a more convenient venue site. After many meetings discussing the possibilities, I finally discovered that the reason for the city change was because she had only seen the El Governor Motel in Mexico Beach and was not going to have her reception there. You see where I am going....don't forfeit an experience that means something to you because you may not be able to see the bigger picture. Although the El Governor Motel may be the largest hotel in Mexico Beach, it is NOT the only option. I found a more cost effective option for the couple and wanted to share with you in case you are ever in this sort of situation....

The groom's family takes a family beach trip every father's day weekend to Mexico Beach so that is when they decided to set the Wedding Date so that the majority of the guests would already be there to attend. Instead of booking the fabulous Annex Rooms at the El Governor Motel, as they have done every year, the family decided to rent two very large beach houses right beside each other that sleep up to 16 people each. Dividing the costs up, the family is able to stay for 7 days instead of just 2 or 3 (as they normally do at the El Governor) for less. The family is all together in two houses, doesn't have to pay as much, more amenities available for them at this location, the bride and groom do not even have to pay for their room at the beach house and this also became their wedding and reception venue. The beach house has its own private little part of the beach, perfect for a sunset ceremony, free of people walking by and staring, cars honking, drunk people whooping and hollering, the perfect setting. The beach house is fully equipped with a in the ground pool where table and chairs are able to be rented and placed perfectly. This couple is on a low budget, so we pinched where we could. Tables, chairs, linens are able to be rented from Port St Joe, the cake and catering can be done by family and displayed using rented glassware and tableware. The wedding guests totaled 50 people, therefore more time and money is able to be spent on the intricate details of the wedding like the bride and groom wanted. The groom is making the altar for the ceremony, centerpieces are designed by seashells and beach themed items picked and saved from the past several years by the couple (and trust me they are not tacky-I do not do tacky). The favors/table assignments are open shadow boxes made by the bride and groom with a copy of the invitation and program, a picture, starfish and seashells from their adventure, with plenty of room for guests to add their own piece of the excitement! Sounds cute and awesome....right??? It is have to have a dream and a vision...don't keep it a secret...share with your wedding planner so he/she can start to put that vision in place!!

Always remember the legality of this as well when booking a beach house. Some of the houses I searched did not accommodate beach weddings even though they have the space to hold the amount of people. You run into insurance issues and damages may occur. Always be up front with your rental company about what will be going on, you do not have to hide anything, there are numerous rentals that accommodate small weddings....or even big weddings!!

Would you believe that the estimated costs for this wedding/reception for the couple is under $3000.00?Now that is obviously with the help of the family covering the rental fees for the beach house (which they are currently going to stay in as well). Now you may say...that's nice...but can we have a little privacy? I completely agree!! Since they are able to save money on their ceremony and reception...more money can be spent for a brief honeymoon nearby.

The hidden Black's Island is a secluded island right next to Port St Joe and Mexico Beach, where you must take a beach taxi to get to the island. The huts are equipped with your basic necessities...a low key all inclusive island. All of your non-alcoholic drinks and food are covered in your $499/night rental. Your rental includes access to the entire island, a meeting/clubhouse where the latest ball game is on, pool tables/card games and social drinking is carried out. You have access to paddle boats and water sports equipment, or access to the private pool to relax and soak up the sun. The island is absolutely quiet and secluded to spend that special time with your new husband/wife where you are not swept away by all the busyness of life. And did I mention that the island is a 21 year old and up ONLY island, so you do not have to worry about children playing, enjoy your adult alone time and then head back to real life when you are ready. But don't take my word for it...check it out yourself...!! I have been visiting Mexico Beach since I was a little child and have never heard of this place, never knew it even something new together and make new memories and traditions to come with your new family!!

For more information on how I can make that beach wedding happen for you...please call me!! I am a native of Fort Walton Beach Florida, therefore my roots lie in the sand and water...I can make it happen!!

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