Saturday, March 30, 2013

Wedding Theme + Pinterest = Wedding Jambalaya

What is one thing that can possibly disappoint a bride and frustrate a Wedding Planner?....A Notebook full of ideas, pictures and colors of multiple different elements in a wedding that they love and want to 
do...while beautiful by themselves...look like a HOT MESS when put together. Sometimes this can cause a bride to re-think every item she has chosen.... but can be easily fixed with a smooth over from her Wedding Planner. You may like the concept of different centerpieces, flower arrangements and favors but your overall vision should have one cohesive theme. Now saying that does not mean you completely throw out the other ideas you have, you may incorporate them in other areas. What are you looking for...a country-western theme, a modern, traditional, vintage or platinum? What are your colors? 

Here is a "for instance" newly engaged soon-to-be sister-in-law loves the idea of bright colored linens and sequins shining and in the same breath loves the burlap table runners and the cluttered looking seashell centerpieces. Well in my mind, I just stroked out a little bit. But it is easy to fix an issue like that and ease the brides frustrations. We chose a dazzling linen in her feature color for the long tables and incorporated the burlap she loved in the ceremony altar decor. To accent the cake table, we chose to use textured linens that were unique with a little bit of shiny sequin flair (but not to much). Instead of using the cluttered starfish centerpiece idea, we incorporated the idea of using the starfish at the escort table instead. I love Pinterest with a passion, and who doesn't have a "Wedding" Board that they fill with tons of beautiful ideas and creations that they would love to see one day? is the skill of a Wedding Planner to make those beautiful ideas and creations come together in a elegant way that leaves her bride with a vision...but more than that...the confidence that her ideas and dreams can happen and still be beautiful!! The goal here is not to discourage finding different ideas and pictures as a bride...but a challenge to the Wedding Planner to find a way to incorporate the ideas she wants to use. It is never a "job" for a true Wedding Planner, this is the part we love to dive into...this is where our creativity shows and where we can add our piece of flare!

And some people wonder why its necessary to have a Wedding Planner? We are the invisible people behind the scenes who magically pull the entire concept together leaving the jaw dropping reaction that the bride and groom give you....speechless. That is the all that matters in the end, its not the headache or frustrations of how are you going to pull it all together, its that smile, that tear, the hug and the feeling of knowing you fulfilled her dream wedding. That is the only thing that matters!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

ABC Southeastern Regional Conference Highlights

This past weekend was 2 days packed full of new faces, new connections, great speakers, awesome food, lots of laughter and stories to tell for many meetings to come. This was my first regional conference and I was so excited to see everyone and meet new speakers as I soak up all of their knowledge. I am passionate about this business and I am ready to move forward. I believe with everything I have in me that I can do this because I WANT it and am WILLING to WORK HARD for it. Here is a recap from our conference.....

Day 1 began with Sandals Training with the lovely Cynthia & Troy. We had 4 packed hours of Sandals Resort Information and how we can become the best at what we do PLUS get a bonus in the process. I am happy to say that I am a Certified Sandals Specialist now and am proud to book your next honeymoon, anniversary, family trip or because I can trip!! Let me help you get connected to my partner at Sandals!! Not to mention we couldn't keep our hands off the FABULOUS linen...

Once checked into our rooms at the Holiday Inn at Dunwoody, we prepared for a delicious meal at Eclipse di Luna, famous for their Tapas. I was in love with the mini Coke bottles and decided that they must come home with me. I started with just one in the purse but the lil busboy proceeded to stack every empty bottle on our table in front of me to take home and a bag to put them in....."Now You Have a Set"!!

Once home to our room and into our Jammies...we head to Gail Johnson's Suite for a night of Fun Photo Prop Pictures, SWAG bags, sweet goodies and my new favorite Nye's Cream Sandwiches....can we say KEY LIME IS THE BESST!! I think Gail would agree!! But the night ended with a few calls and notifications that these Wedding Planners were too loud...despite the Dart Tournament going on downstairs and the Parking Lot Waste fill of Cigarette Butts and Beer Bottles. I saw the man the next morning cleaning the place up and he was not a happy camper. Needless to say we had a great time talking about "what we would do"...ALL SMILES!!

Day 2 Began at the 741 Edgewood Avenue Event Center, a Unique and Cozy Design Space for Events. We began with Breakfast from Avalon Catering and enjoyed Ivory Bridal Designs and Getting Set up for the Opening of the Conference. Kendrick Law brought some major Legal Jargon for us to marinate on as we enter into the business world on our own. She shed some light on many areas ..for example...if you are in business as an LLC and you have to go to court for any must have an attorney getting an LLC is a must to protect your assets and person.
Our next speaker...Mark Kingsdorf of Queen of Hearts...I do not have enough space on this blog post to let you know how I adore him and everything about who he is...he discussed ways to be successful in the business..."you don't get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate" and donating time to a organization can put you in the media and the spotlight for recognition while doing a great service to your community. He was a true gem....Chuck is a lucky man!!
While enjoying our lunch we had the pleasure of listening to Dawn Cowart speak about how to make a broach bouquet and different elements you can add to your decor for very little money and make a great statement of creativity. She was a hoot...crazy and blunt and loved her personality!!

Next we were told the truth by the lovely Lisa Smith about how to Be proud of who you are and put together your "MeFolio" for people to see your accomplishments. To stand tall and deal with issues as they come and never quit furthering your education and experience in the field. She has been planning weddings and events since she was 16 years old and has information galore to share with us!! Plus she was looking too cute in her dress and matching accessories...

As we waited for our last speaker to arrive we ate some dessert to die for and participated in the DIY Station "Put A Ring On It"...too cute...Stella DOT came with jewelry to showcase and information about how this could enhance your business on the side. Beautiful stunning pieces that brides and the everyday woman would enjoy!! Not to mention our impromptu Twitter Infomercial provided by the lovely Teras Smith...and her stationary was absolutely stunning as well!! Love her to pieces!!

The final speaker was the lovely Heather Vreeland, owner of Occasions Magazine. She shared tips on how to do this when you are the only one...different apps...different programs and making decisions for you that will gain you further knowledge and success in this business!! Which happens to be one of my favorite magazines to read and I always look forward to it coming out!!

Well that was A LOT!!..but you know there is no way to explain how much I enjoyed the conference..all the SWAG and all the things we experienced together!! I love to learn about this business and Love ABC!! Gail is the best State Coordinator and confidant...She is a role model for anyone in this business!! Happy Weekend for this GIRL!!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Soaking up the Knowledge

I have had the honor of working with many experienced Atlanta Women in the past month who spread their knowledge of how to make it in this business. Working with Donna Jakulski and Linda Surles of I was able to participate in the Bridal Extravaganza of Atlanta and meet the fabulous David Tutera. I learned the process of putting such a huge show out there for brides traveling from all over the USA.

Not to mention the honor of meeting with Gail Johnson of Gail Johnson Weddings and Events of Atlanta, the weekend before during my novice workshop with the Association of Bridal Consultants. She gave me so much information to begin starting out in the business. The session was invaluable from someone who was so humble and so qualified and established in this field.

Last Week I was honored to attend the Association of Bridal Consultants monthly meeting for the Georgia Chapter at the Dazzling Ritz Carlton in Downtown Atlanta and gain knowledge from many others in the field. The food was enticing, the atmosphere glamorous, the staff was very professional and very welcoming. The speaker for the night was the famous Melissa Sweet of Melissa Sweet Bridal Collection found exclusively at David's Bridal. Her story of how she has become who and what she is was very encouraging. Not to mention, she is absolutely gorgeous and very down to earth.

No matter how big or small you matter if you are getting paid or not....information can guide you along on a much smoother journey if you keep your mind open with a humble  heart.