Saturday, April 20, 2013

Featured Spotlight: Southern Vintage Georgia

It has been a while since I have posted, busy busy busy with new contracts and exciting events lined up for this year. As a new Wedding Planner in the business, this part is exciting and such a great learning experience. With each new contract comes a new vision that the bride wants for her special day. Finding the right vendors to help bring her vision to light is what makes you skilled in your field. Today I wanted to showcase a few of the pieces that Southern Vintage Georgia has available for rental for weddings, parties or any event you may be hosting. I am in love with Vintage ANYTHING!! So when one of my brides told me about this website, I fell in love with the pieces available. Any of these pieces could be added to a reception, lounge area, or cocktail hour. As I am building photos for my portfolio, these pieces directly speak to me for possible rental in the future. Have you ever watched an older movie or TV show that has this great antique chaise lounge and the thought crosses through your mind, "I would love to have that piece"? and then think, well there is nothing like that around here and if there is it would be hard to find. Well look no further, Southern Vintage Georgia has broken out with fantastic pieces to add flair to any event and make it over the top.

Southern Vintage Georgia is based out of Macon and rents unique antique style pieces for every event. They are offering a 10% discount to Macon Wedding and Events. Pricing varies but well within any budget. Below you will find a few pieces that I adore on their website ( As you go over each piece, let your mind wonder to that place where all of your ideas come to life, where you finally have a picture to put with your ideas and dreams. This is a vendor I plan on using in the future and wanted to share my excitement for their dreamy pieces.